While not actually required to do so by rule, Westercons have traditionally published lists of their members in their progress reports and their program book (and more recently their web sites). The following members have not opted out of being listed.

If you would like to opt-out, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Attending Members

Alan Tegen, Alexandra Brown, Althea McMurrian, Arlene Busby, Audi Jack, Ben Yalow, Beth Biehl, Beth Marble, Beverly Coutts, Beverly Pfeifer, Billy Van Ark, Blind Lemming Chiffon, Brenda Renou, Brenda Renou, Brianna Faulkner, Bruce Rabe, Carol Anderson, Carrie Kay, Charles Earl Cady III, Chris Marble, Corinne Stanley, Craig Dyer, Dana Terrell, David Boop, David Gibbons, David Larsen, Debi Chowdhury, Doris Beetem, Dorothy O'Hare, Elaine Normandy, Erika Frensley, Felicia Herman, Gene Schneider, Gerry Tyra, Gloria Magid, Grant Brown, Harold Harrigan, Harold Harrigan III, Holly Doyne, Irvin Charles Terrell, Jacqueline T. Elderkin, Jake Coutts, James Manning, James Shibley, Jan S. Gephardt, Jane Jasper, Jeff Lewis, Jeff Wildman, Jerrie Adkins, Jessica Brawner, Jim Davidson, John C Heneghan, John L. Sloan, Jon Foster, JoSelle Vanderhooft, Joseph Sokola, Julie Nakao, Karen Gaalema, Karen Jordan, Karen Schaffer, Kathleen Sloan, Kathryn Johnson, Katrine Cady, Keith McClune, Kevin Hewett, Kevin Standlee, Kim Brown, Kim Mainord, Kris Wildman, Larry Gomez, Linda McAllister, Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, Lisa Hayes, Lou J Berger, Marian O'Brien-Clark, Matthew Wisely, Michael Siladi, Michael Ward, Michele Ellington, Mike Weasner, Morgan Colletti, Nikki Ebright, Patricia Diggs, Patricia G Steed, Penny Tegan, Peter J Wacks, Rebecca Nickell, Rhianna Tyra, Rich McAllister, R-Laurraine Tutihasi, Robert Pfeifer, Robin Baylor, Robin Monogue, Ronnie Seagren, Rose Beetem, Ruth M. Bettenhausen, Ryan Johannes, Sandy Manning, Sandy Tyra, Sarah Manning, Seth Breidbart, Shawn Tyra, Sheila McClune, Shirley J. Frantz, Spike, Stephanie Bannon, Stephen M. Clark, Steve Gaalema, Takahiro Nakao, Tasha Cady, Ted T Allsup Jr, Thea Hutcheson, Thomas Eivins, Tom Becker, Tom O'Dell, Troy Brown, Woody Bernardi

Supporting Members

Barry Short, Carole I. Parker, Gerald Nordley, Joni Brill Dashoff, Kevin Roche, Lee M. Carter, Nathan W. Toronto, Russ Elliott, Russell D Campbell, Ruth Dewitt, Ruth Sachter, Sean Robinson, Theresa Mather, William Laubenheimer

Westercon 71/ MALCon 6 In:

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