Music – Filk Guests of Honor



Davis Clover


Sugo Music recording artists Margaret Davis and Kristoph Klover perform original arrangements of Celtic music from the British Isles and the Medieval and Renaissance melodies of the European courts and countrysides, interweaving soaring vocals with a Celtic Harp, an Octave Mandolin, guitars, flute, recorders, and a Tin-Whistle. They are known for their "effortless harmonies and deft facility in numerous traditional instruments" (Mythopoeic Society), and Margaret has been described as "an incredible singer - her clear soprano and harp playing I cannot praise enough" (the folknik).


Margaret & Kristoph have delighted audiences since 1993 -- sharing the magic of other times and places with fans of traditional music the world over. They have put together an engaging collection of traditional Celtic, Medieval, and Renaissance music ranging from haunting harp-based ballads and troubadour love songs, to danceable jigs and reels. Their lyrics, including some in Gaelic, Medieval French, and Provencal, speak of love and longing, quests and revels, and magic and transformation in a language that transports and enchants the listener.

Margaret & Kristoph are the only American group to have received authorization from the Estate of J.R.R. Tolkien to set and record Tolkien's poetry, which they released in 2000 on their CD The Starlit Jewel. Their videos of songs from The Starlit Jewel have received over 800,000 views. All in all, they have recorded 14 CDs on the Flowinglass Music label, as a duo and with their bands Avalon Rising and Broceliande. In 2008 they performed in the Disney movie Bedtime Stories. Their latest recording, Snow White -- The Mirror's Revenge is an all-original musical for which they wrote and performed the music.